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Kepler Academics

SNHU students who are supported by Kepler experience a combination of online learning and in-person coursework to provide students an academic model that prepares them for the workforce. The innovative model of blended learning and competency-based education ensures students have the skills they need to succeed. Students complete an online, accredited degree from the United States through Kepler’s partnership with Southern New Hampshire University. For more information on student results and testimonials from our students, check out the Impact Page.

Our Students Journey

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Foundational Support

For the first 6 months, students prepare to complete online degree work independently and to be able to compete for jobs in the workforce. Students receive support in English, technology skills, professional skills, and other areas until they are ready to begin their degree work.

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Advanced Support

During your online studies with SNHU, you will also have an in-person learning community. Together you will learn how to apply your US coursework in the Rwandan context and prepare for the workforce with skills that are in demand by employers. Kepler staff works directly with employers to determine areas of need and then designs ways to support the students to meet those needs.

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Internships and Employment

Kepler’s Careers Department builds relationships with employers to help students network and find opportunities for internships and jobs. They also help prepare students who are graduating with skills they need to get good jobs and keep them.

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Southern New Hampshire University degree

Students work on Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts degrees offered by Southern New Hampshire University. The content is completed independently and online, which means students can complete the degrees at their own pace. While working on their degree, students can participate in study groups, study halls and one-on-one and group advising sessions for support with their online projects.

Majors Currently Offered from Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University currently offers three majors through their College for America program.

For details about the degree programs please click here.

Bachelor of Arts in

  • Concentration in Business
  • Concentration in Healthcare Management

Bachelor of Arts in

  • Concentration in Logistics and Operations
  • Concentration in Insurance Services

Bachelor of Arts in
Healthcare Management

  • Concentration in Global Perspectives
  • Concentration in Communications

Associate of Arts in General Studies

  • Concentration in Business

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