Clive Irambona

AA, 2015; BA 2017 (anticipated)

In addition to his studies at Kepler, Clive works with a local NGO called SafeMotos as its Business Development Coordinator, where he is about to use the skills he developed in class to save lives.

Tujiza Uwituze

AA, 2015; BA 2017 (anticipated)

Tujiza chose Kepler because of her desire to challenge herself intellectually and to develop her critical thinking skills. She enjoys Kepler's culture of considering multiple perspectives on all ideas.

Ephraim Mukiza

AA, 2015; BA 2017 (anticipated)

Ephraim is a second year student and plans to start his own business after graduating. Because of the business training he receives at Kepler, Ephraim feels confident in his ability to take on leadership roles.

Pasteur Cyuzuzo

AA, 2015; BA 2017 (anticipated)

Pasteur is in his 2nd year at Kepler and has already started a food business or two. He also started an organization called Inspire Youth that helps young people turn business ideas into reality.

Jean Claude Turatsinze

AA, 2015; BA 2017 (anticipated)

Jean Claude started at Kepler in 2014 and plans to use his time at university to develop the skills he needs to succeed in business. While Kepler's curriculum is broad, his true passion is microeconomics.

Rosine Mwiseneza

AA, 2015; BA 2017 (anticipated)

Rosine is a second year student at Kepler. She believes that to attend Kepler is to learn independence, which in turn, promotes a culture of responsibility and innovation across Rwanda.

What Students Say About Kepler

Pascaline Niyigena

3rd Year Kepler Student

Before I arrived at Kepler, I never felt confident enough to speak in class. Now I know that my voice will be heard. Girls and boys all speak up here.

Antoine Niyigena

3rd Year Kepler Student

I had the country’s highest score on our national physics exam. Without Kepler, I may not have even been able to afford to attend university.

Ange Umuhoza

3rd Year Kepler Student

Every student in the world should have the same opportunity to learn as we do here in Rwanda. I cannot wait until Kepler is everywhere in Africa.

A Day At Kepler

Pacifique Uwera

3rd year student at Kepler Kigali

9:30AM - 12:00PM
In Class Time

Structured discussions and active participation in class have been shown to greatly increase the critical thinking and analytical abilities of students—far more than traditional lecture formats.

4:00PM - 7:00PM
Work Study

In addition to their academic studies, all Kepler students are required to participate in either work study or intensive internships at local businesses or NGOs.

A typical day at Kepler doesn’t just involve time in class, but a mix of seminars, group study, 1:1 support, and a work study role or paid internship.

1:00PM - 4:00PM
Seminars and Group Activities

Students work with their peers on long-term projects that range from academic assignments to developing their professional abilities and familiarity with technology.

7:00PM - 10:00PM
At Home Assignments

Students stream lectures and complete online assignments, freeing up tomorrow's classroom time for problem solving and discussion — a method that leads to enormous gains in comprehension and passage rates.