Holding ourselves and our students accountable.

Kepler makes a lot of demands on our students, and it's only fair that we hold ourselves to the same exacting standard. The result: Kepler students are performing at a higher level than their peers at other universities across academic, technical, and professional skills, while also having superior early employment outcomes as well.

These results are provided by an IDinsight, which tests Kepler students against a control group of university students with similar backgrounds.

Kepler Statistics ~ pdf

Academic Outcomes

The Kepler program has had significant impacts on their students' critical thinking, cognitive skills, English language skills, and computer literacy relative to traditional Rwandan universities.

Employment Training

I am always impressed by Kepler interns and their level of focus, determination and discipline. They have great attitudes and embrace our work culture quickly. Uniformly, they have excellent communication skills with clients. That is exactly what our company is looking for.
Shehzad Noordally
General Manager, CDH Capital
Our Kepler interns have demonstrated an ability to work well in a start-up environment. Their language and presentation skills are way above what we have found in the market. They integrated seamlessly in our team and have been able to bring projects to completion in a timely manner.
Laurent Demuynck
CEO, Kigali Farms


The percentage of third year Kepler students who have been offered a full-time job. If a student accepts, we will still help them complete their BA degree on nights and weekends.