Kepler Kigali opened in 2013 to serve the thousands of talented Rwandan students who could otherwise not afford to attend university. The campus operates as both a high-quality university program and a learning laboratory for best practices in blended-learning education. The data generated is driving Kepler’s approach to instructional design, pushing forward the goal of dramatically improving the quality and affordability of post-secondary education.

In August 2015, Kepler opened a branch campus at the Kiziba Refugee Camp in western Rwanda, dramatically expanding access to higher education for one of the world's most disadvantaged populations. Two decades ago, the Kiziba camp was opened to refugees fleeing conflicts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and it still houses over 17,000 refugees. This year 25 students were admitted to Kepler Kiziba, allowing promising local students to earn a U.S. accredited degree and pursue employment opportunities. And with the support of the IKEA Foundation and the collaboration of our degree partner Southern New Hampshire University, we plan to admit another 25 students next year and the year after. Over time, Kepler's work at Kiziba will both directly benefit our students and their families and help help create a model globally to offer opportunity where almost none existed before. If you would like to support our work with refugees, please consider donating here.

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