Employment Training

Online Content

In Person Courses


The Kepler Model


Students stream lectures and complete online assignments, problem sets, and exams developed by leading professors & available for low cost on online course platforms like MOOCs, Khan Academy, and others.

In person.

A team of trained Rwandan Teaching Fellows lead seminars to expand upon online content, discuss difficult material, build critical thinking skills, and calibrate each subject area for a relevant local context.

On the job.

Kepler provides students with the skills that they need for employment—while also connecting them directly with local and international employers for internships and teaching them how to stand out professionally.

Curriculum Features

An accredited degree from the U.S.

All Kepler graduates earn a degree from our partner Southern New Hampshire University—a credential that gives students an advantage on the job market.

Practical majors that build skills

Our academic curriculum is highly pragmatic, focusing on providing students the skills they need to succeed over the course of their careers.

Structured internships and job placement

All Kepler students are required to participate in work study and structured internships, designed in partnership with local employers.

A growing alumni network

Kepler grew out of a program called Generation Rwanda and has hundreds of alumni to help develop students professionally.

Degrees Offered

Kepler offers programs to earn degrees in:

  • Communications with a focus on Business
  • Health Care Management
  • Management

Degrees are provided by our partner Southern New Hampshire University , an accredited U.S. university that specializes in competency-based education.

Kepler expects to increase the range of specializations within the next two years, with a focus on business and IT.

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